About us

About Us

Robert Mann Ltd – Security On-Demand was founded in 2019 when our cofounders identified several weaknesses in the security industry. Believing that security is primarily a customer service with the safety of those customers being paramount to ensuring our communities are a safe place for all people.

We know that acquiring the right security professionals for the right security purposes can be a cause of stress for many businesses and local authorities. With the Security Industry Authority (SIA) requirements for licensing and insurances it can become time consuming and expensive to adequately fill your security needs. At Robert Mann Ltd we take away that stress. We provide highly trained, experienced, licensed security specialists, ensuring they are up to date on the latest training, security trends and legal legislation to ensure the service we provide cannot be beaten.

At Robert Mann Ltd we understand that your circumstances can change on a regular basis. Therefore, we do not tie you into any long expensive contracts for our services. We will provide you with the services you require when you require them, charged at an hourly rate (Private Investigations are set prices, as hourly rates could become expensive depending on the scope of the investigation) to ensure your costs remain low.


You may require additional security for an event a couple of times a year, our services are suited to your needs, meaning we can supply extra staff as required and fewer as your needs may be. See our client portal for costings on the services we provide.